Monday, March 19, 2012

Disney World, Here we Come!

Well- that's a bit misleading. We're not traveling until Fall. But you can (really, you have to!) book your dining 180 days prior to the day you travel. So... to avoid letting any potential creeps onto our actual travel dates, Ill just say we're booking in the general vicinity of now but the booking process has me so excited!!!!!!!
5 days of outfits
+2 cute kids
1 mommy who has to get started NOW.
It'll take me that long to decide and conquer! I've found some really cute ideas to get me started:

Wouldn't this be cute with little khaki shorts and a red polo under the tee? (mental note, check

And the little extras:
I HAVE to make these mouse ear clips! Click on the ears for the how-to. I thought I'd have to buy these! As crafty as I am, bow-savvy, I am not... But I think I can muster up the courage to attempt two little Minnie Mouse pig-tail clips!

And well duh, mommy needs a bag!

I'm sure I'll have more random posts over the summer about our Disney preparations and revelation...

PS- This is going to be my first project!
Disney Signature Books

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