Tuesday, December 7, 2010

4 months and counting...

Luke was great at his 4 month check up!
16 lbs, 5 oz= 81%
25.5 inches= 80%
Head (I didn't get the measurement) but it's in the 95%

So, he's a healthy boy! We need to work on rolling over and pushing up on his arms. But hey- he has a lot of body weight to lift up!

My next move: Google search "asymmetric tonic reflex." Every time we go, Dr. McDonald says "OH, look- he's showing me the asymmetric tonic reflex! Every baby does it, but he's a little star! He does it so well!" She has said that at the last three visits. My response: "Oh...ha..ha.. ok.... (I feel dumb...should have gotten that medical degree) that's great!" Mental note: wikipedia...

Oh and he's a snorter. He has this constant, rattling snort. He's not congested, nothing is clogged or stuffed up- he just snorts. But it's cute.

And Monday he had to get the dreaded helmet. We got him a blue one this time. We now have one of each... pink and blue. Now we can have all the kids we want because we can appropriately reshape their heads in the coordinating gender colored helmet. :)