Friday, July 2, 2010

Vocabulary Lessons

I know I post a lot about the funny things that Emily Grace says but I want to have it documented all in one place. :) So here goes:

Wipes= White
Malk= Milk

EX: Malk is wipes. Hahaahha! I love decoding for other people

Baby Lulu was a few months ago. She now says Baby Luke with a long "u." But the "Lulu" is where we got the inspiration to name her little brother Luke.

K-pops= Cake Boss. She loves to watch Cake Boss with mommy!

Mommy Mere= Me

Daddy Chris=Chris

We're working on just "mommy and daddy." I think she got confused because we make her call her teachers Mrs. Debbie and Mrs. Kari. So last night she called me Mrs. Mommy. I said, "No honey, I'm just mommy." The next thing you know, she's in the bathroom and yells "Mrs. Daddy!"

Tinkles= pee pee- we both get corrected that she did not, in fact, pee pee, rather she "tinkled" on the potty.

Tinkles empty= she already did it or doesn't have to go.

She does NOT like for us to confuse a diaper and a pull-up. Last weekend I put a pull up on her for her birthday party and Papa Don said "Emmy- are you wearing a diaper?" and she said "Acutally, Papa, it's a pull up!" "Actually" is another new word for us! Kids say the darndest things!

I know there are more but I have to think of what they are. Check back for more to come!

Happy Birthday Emily Grace!!!!

I'm a few days late but Emily Grace turned three on Sunday, June 27, 2010! She's getting so big! We had a princess and pirate party this year!

Here are a few pictures from the party:
Avary Anne, Alle, Hayden, Claire and Emily Grace- Benton is in the background

Claire and Allee helping her blow out the candles
She's wearing her new crown from Mrs. Noe here! She loves that one!!The Princess Castle Cake!


EGU and Claire just chillin' in Tiara's- just like any old Saturday night in K-ville!

We got out the slide, Horse Shoes, and Hoola Hoops for entertainment!

Papa taught her the princess wave!
Happy Birthday to our sweet little princess!!!!!!!