Thursday, March 25, 2010

Bad Girl Daddy!

My patience has been a little thin lately and I might be fussing at the dogs a little more than usual. But hey, they started it.

They have now eaten two WHOLE boxes of Jiffy Cornbread Mix that were supposed to go feed the needy. I know, I know, they're $.88 each and I'll just buy more. But Yes, it was the powder stuff. And yes, on two different occasions. And yes, the cardboard and wax paper bag too. That CANNOT taste good! They've done a lot more than that but I digress.

So, I come home to these messes every day (Sometimes Chris beats me to them) and I immeditaly yell "BAD GIRLS!" at the dogs. There are a lot "bad girl" scoldings going on at our house- they really do get into a lot of trouble now that I'm preggo. So, Little Miss Emily Grace has picked up on the bad girl saying and now uses it every time someone does soemthing bad.

This morning, Daddy was trying to help her onto the stool to brush her teeth and I heard her yell "Bad Girl DADDY!"

I had to hide my laughter. I think he was trying to hide his too...He hadn't done anything wrong but she didn't want to be there or else she wanted to do it herself and... he got scolded. I think I need to watch how often I yell "Bad girls!" at the dogs from now on. And I think we need to work on boys versus girls. Everyone is not a girl.

That kid keeps us chuckling!