Friday, January 29, 2010

Baby Urban #2 is on the way!

This is a little late, since the news slipped out on Facebook at 7.5 weeks, but Baby Urban #2 is on it's way!!! It is due August 5, 2010- which just happens to be Grandma Dance's birthday! The doc says the chances of a baby being born on its actual due date are around 4%. We'll take it any day.

These were 12 week ultra sound pictures. We're at 13 weeks as of yesterday, so I'm a week late getting these posted.
This is the baby's profile. You can see belly, leg, foot, arm and head in this picture (s0rt of). It measured about 2.25 inches from head to rear end. So he/she is closer to 3 inches with the legs. It was moving around too much to get a more accurate measurement.

This is the cute little picture of the baby looking strait at us. He or she looks like a cute little alien! It was very active on during this ultrasound! Isn't he/she cute?

This is the head profile. I was amazed that at 12 weeks, you could see so much detail in the face! The white stripes at the bottom of the neck were what the tech was measuring. The space between those stripes can determine if the baby is at risk for downs syndrome. If the space measures over 3mm, there is a higher risk. Our little tot measuered at 1.6 mm so we were in the safe zone. But no matter what, we'll love it to pieces!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Santa Sighting... missing Paci

Last Sunday Chris was holding Emily Grace's hand as they walked out of the nursery at church toghether. I was in front of them holding the door. An elderly gentleman walked toward us, smiling. He had on a navy blue winter coat and he had a beard that slightly resembled Santa's. Emily Grace looked up, pointed and squeeked "oh! Santa..." like she sees him every day. I'm not sure if he heard her or not but Chris and I could not hide our faces. I looked at Chris and he was trying so hard not to laugh that he already had a tear on his cheek! I would have apologized but I really don't think this nice man heard her and I was afraid he'd see us laughing. EGU went on with her babbling like nothing had happened.

I think this might be a result of Santa "taking her paci to all of the new babies in the world" on Christmas Day 2009. We've survived the missing paci for several weeks now, without much of a melt down but she does mention Santa once or twice a day with the word Paci somewhere in the same sentance. I'm glad the transition was such an easy one but I hope we haven't ruined the image of Santa for her. :)