Friday, August 10, 2012

Kindergarten Jitters

Here is my conversation with Emily Grace from this morning:

EG: mommy. I can’t go to school. (I'm thinking she means preschool, TODAY.) The man doesn’t know where I live. He needs to know where I live.

Me: WHAT MAN!?!?

EG: The man. He needs my address.

Me: DID YOU GIVE IT TO HIM? WHO IS HE? EG (we don't call her EG, I just type EG to make it shorter), this is very important. What man asked where you live? Why can’t you go to school? Has someone talked to you?

EG: um. (looking confused) he doesn’t know where to take me.
ME: EG. Please focus. Nobody except mommy and daddy should be taking you anywhere. Start at the beginning and tell me why you can’t go to school and then tell me about the man.

EG: The man on the bus. He doesn’t know where I live. So I can’t go to school because he can’t bring me home.

She was talking about riding a school bus (which won't be an issue anyway). I can’t explain the relieved sigh that came out of my lungs… Add another gray hair to my head.

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