Tuesday, September 17, 2013

There's nothing funnier than a groggy kid...

Well we're in Charlotte, not HOME yet, but inside 60 days! The house is coming along very nicely and we're eagerly anticipating it's completion.

This year Emily Grace's school starts at 7:15- WHAT's THAT YOU SAY? Yes, we agree. E-A-R-L-Y.

And little miss sleeply-grumpy-bear is not a morning gal (like her mama...).

Anyway, the other morning as I was brushing her hair in the bathroom, she started counting in spanish. This is the girl who could count to 30 in Spanish before she was potty trained.
Here's what I heard:
"uno, dos, tres, taco, cinco, seis, seiete..."

Hold up. I speak zero espanol. Except that right there. I can say that. But other than that, I'm no Spanish expert, but I'm pretty sure 'taco' comes in soft or crunchy, beef or chicken. I believe it does not come after 'tres.' So I asked her to repeat it again because "I didn't hear what she said."
She obliged and said the same thing again... hee hee hee... groggy kids are so funny!

So I said "Emily Grace, I think it's 'quatro,' not 'taco'..." and she said with little/no emotion "Oh. I thought it sounded funny. heh.heh."

Poor baby needs more sleep!!!!

Now if we could just get the "huffalumps" (as Luke calls them) upstairs to STOP. STOMPING. AROUND. AT 10 PM, maybe my children could get the 11 hours we're trying to give them!!

Different story for a different day.