Friday, January 28, 2011

Mommy, I miss you

Break my heart- these are the words Emily Grace says to me 200 times a day.

I was telling Dana about this and she laughed because she doesn't really mean "I miss you."

For example: Chris and I will be standing in the kitchen making dinner and she goes back and forth between us hugging our legs muttering "Mommy, I miss you." "Daddy, I miss you."

I've tried to explain that what she means is "I love you," or "I'm happy" or sometimes even "I'm sorry." But "I miss you" is what you say when somebody has gone away.

I don't let my mind stray to where the 'I miss you' is coming from. That breaks my heart to let my thoughts wander there. You working moms know what I mean. And those of you who used to work also know the heart strings that pull so easily.

So, that evening after telling Dana this story, I had to scold Emily Grace for smearing pizza sauce all over the table like finger paints instead of wiping her hands on a napkin. As she sat there starting to cry she said "Mommy- I miss you."

My heart stopped. I stopped wiping down the table scooped her up and said "I'm sorry bfor yelling. I love you." Her response: "Mommy- I miss you too."