Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Does it get cuter than this?

I can't stop watching Luke babble. It puts the BIGGEST smile on my face. I hope you enjoy as much as Chris and I do!!

Monday, March 7, 2011

New Love- Chevron DIY

Most of you know my love for crafty things. I don't blog about crafty stuff NEARLY enough to equal my passion for a good project.

My newest love is for all things chevron!

Check out these plates! And the best part is, this whole project was done for under $5. I see these in my future... especially at a certain little man's first birthday party!!!
***Notice, those spacers in the middle are dollar store candle sticks!***

Instructions at Tatertots And Jello
And I wonder if you could use Stevie's Carbon paper idea from the personalized boxes to make this a little simpler. I love a short cut!

If I only had a spare wall- and maybe not a plaster deer head:

Contact Paper Chevron Wall Art

Can't find chevron fabric? Try this! Nobody will ever know...

How to make Striped Fabric into a chevron patterned pillow

And... best for last! I might try this painting technique on some of those berber floor rugs! I'll start small to see how it works. If my plans go well, I'm picturing a giant white/gray and light blue chevron rug in the dining room... stay tuned.

How to make your own chevron-inspired rug

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Save the drive-ins!

I always wanted to live in the days of Jacquie O, A&W drive thru restaurants, pedal pushers and Drive-in movie theaters.

A few years ago, some friends suggested a double date to a not-so-local Drive-in so Chris and I jumped at the opportunity. For $5 a person ($2 for kids) you got two movies for the evening. Where else can you get 6 hours of entertainment for $5 (well, plus gas)??
Being there was like driving into a piece of history (sort of).
You tuned into the movie via your car radio, although I think we watched a total of less than 10 minutes because there was so much going on around us! The experience was complete with a greasy snack stand and high-school crushes in the making, a warm summer evening breeze and lighting bugs all around. It was perfect.
The drive-in we visted was in Eden, NC, a solid hour from our house.


We found out after that long drive that there was a drive-in 15 minutes from our house! So this summer, I thought we'd put a date on the calendar to go visit the Walkertown, NC drive-in. But, I'm sad to report that it's status is "dark." I can't believe we missed it. It's gone- done forever, or until it lands a new investor- and we never even knew it was there.

I am determined that this summer we will go back to Eden and we will help this little piece of history that has survived since 1955 continue to thrive. Even if it's just once, I want Emily Grace and Luke to experience this little piece of American heritage, before it really is gone...

Check out his website to find drive-ins in your state and help keep the drive-ins alive!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Chew Toys for Two

Luke AND Zoe are teething at the same time. I cannot explain how much fun we're having...

This morning Zoe lost another one of her baby fangs (as I've come to call them- tooth is an understatement with this animal) and simultaneously Luke was SCREAMING for either a bottle or baby oragel- whichever we could reach first.

Luke is on his third tooth- another bottom guy! The top still looks swollen but I can see the white tip of a bottom tooth that has broken through. That makes 3!

He is actively chewing on anything he can get his hands on which includes but is not limited to:
Fingers (not just his)
Burp Cloths
My shoulder
My hair
Emily Grace
Emily Grace's hair bows
Chris' phone
Chris' sunglasses
Car seat toys
Car seat
I try not to let a lot of foreign objects into his reach but as you can see, I often miss something.

His favorite made-for-teething toys:
Get this Silver teething ring at Bed, Bath & Beyond and use your 20% coupon. The silver stays naturally cool so you never have to put it in the freezer. It's easy to hold and doubles as a rattle! This silver teething ring is by far is his favorite!

RazBaby silicone teether- Babies R Us.
It is considerably less expensive but also less effective. It's a little large for his mouth and a bit heavy for him to hold at this age, but it's great for him to chew on!

And Zoe's chew toylist includes:
Our new area rug
My favorite blue chair
Coffee table legs
The metal side table legs
The metal bars on her kennel
Kiwi's collar
Kiwi's tail
Emily Grace's hands
Emily Grace's hair
Luke's hands (it's funny, she's not biting them- she likes to get their hands in her mouth and she delicately gnaws on them. Of course I don't LET this happen, when I see it I yell at her to stop. )
Luke's feet
Luke's shoes
Luke's socks (I've now thrown away over 20 socks!)
Luke's car seat (common chew toy)
Luke's car seat toys
Any dirty laundry- jeans, socks, bibs. You name it, she'll chew on it.

Yet the chew/teething toys we've purchased for BOTH of them sit mildly used. I'd never trade these memories in for anything!