Monday, March 19, 2012

Disney World, Here we Come!

Well- that's a bit misleading. We're not traveling until Fall. But you can (really, you have to!) book your dining 180 days prior to the day you travel. So... to avoid letting any potential creeps onto our actual travel dates, Ill just say we're booking in the general vicinity of now but the booking process has me so excited!!!!!!!
5 days of outfits
+2 cute kids
1 mommy who has to get started NOW.
It'll take me that long to decide and conquer! I've found some really cute ideas to get me started:

Wouldn't this be cute with little khaki shorts and a red polo under the tee? (mental note, check

And the little extras:
I HAVE to make these mouse ear clips! Click on the ears for the how-to. I thought I'd have to buy these! As crafty as I am, bow-savvy, I am not... But I think I can muster up the courage to attempt two little Minnie Mouse pig-tail clips!

And well duh, mommy needs a bag!

I'm sure I'll have more random posts over the summer about our Disney preparations and revelation...

PS- This is going to be my first project!
Disney Signature Books

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

He speaks!

Luke has been working on his verbal skills for quite a while. For the last few months we've had:
Ca (say it like you live in New Jersey)- Car
DooDoo- Choo choo
Tray- Train
Dawwwwg- Dog
Momeeee- Mommy
Dadeeeee- Daddy
Poppy- Both Papa and Grandpa
Meeeee- Both Mimi and Grandma

I'm know there are others but these are the most common.
This morning, as I was putting him in his car seat and battling the giggling and flailing arms (he thinks it's funny to struggle with me when we're buckling up), he looked square at me and said "where's daddy?" My reply: "oh hunny- he went to work." (the time change has us in a bit of a scramble this week with our morning routine)
Luke: "oh. bye."

I stood for a minute, letting it seep into my caffeine-defficient brain cells that I just had a conversation with him. Granted, it wasn't a Shakesperian Sonnet, but still- we just communicated in a much deeper level than we had before today! I knew it was going to be a good week. I just knew it.

Monday, March 5, 2012

The Important Things

Ok- It has been almost a year since I blogged. LOTS has happened. But, the biggest is that I'm giving up some of my major committments, (I won't name them and make them feel bad) so that I can spend more time on the important things.

The biggest thing that needs my attention is my family. And documenting important family

moments. I've been a bad mom. Well, I've given up documenting in lieu of actually doing things with the kids. So not really a bad mom, just a bad record-keeper.

So, I'm going to promise myself to post once a week, whether it's something tiny, something funny, or something huge. I rely on this as my documentation. (Mommy brain=bad memory)

Don't worry- I'm still working full time for Ralph and monogramming at night. Those weren't the things I'm giving up!

Today's post: Big hiney.

Yep, Emily Grace (in her desire to be big (big girl)) thought she was giving me a compliment by telling me that I had a big hiney.

Her exact words were (as I was bent over tying Luke's shoes while he was rocking in the glider and trying to hit me with a plastic golf club)

"Wow mommy, your hiney is really really big and bigger!" (Bigger? Rub it in, kid.)

And I said "that's not a nice thing to say to an adult"

and she said "That's ok, I like you. I'll be big when I'm 5."

I'm having flash backs to the Kellogg's post-Christmas commercial where the little girl comes down stairs and says "SANTA!" to her mom's rear end while she's bent over digging through the fridge... I'm even wearing the red shirt today.