Friday, June 12, 2009

Lip Marks

So when I was little I called my mom's lipstick "Lip Marks." Yeah- this morning Emily Grace had "Lip Marks" EVERYWHERE! She got into my makeup case and pulled out a gloss compact. I figured she'd never figure out how to open that and since she saw me getting ready, I thought it was cute that she was trying to be like Mommy.

She got it open. My bad. But, she knew exactly what to do with it- she dug her FINGERS into it (ruined it) and put it all over her lips- she did a pretty good job too- Aside from getting it under her fingernails and rubbing her glossed hands on her pretty clothes. It wasn't that bad of an episode- we were close by- but we failed to get pictures. I didn't want to ruin any more fabric or walls so I skipped the photo opp and ran for the baby wipes.

We have a girly girl for sure...