Thursday, October 9, 2008


So, we all new that we would have a talker on our hands. The signs showed early that Emily Grace had the talking genes! In one short week Emily Grace is now shouting "doggie!" which comes out more like "toggie!" and points at the dogs. It's amazing- I mean one minute she was a baby and the next she's telling me that's a dog over there. I wasn't ready for that but Chris and I are so proud anyway!

The next day she started saying something like "Silly..." in the backseat on the way to preschool. With a little coaxing, she was singing "silly" all the way there. It's so cute- she has a little gap in her front teeth and when she says it, it comes out like a snake with a lisp and a big grin.

When I picked her up that night, I walked in, she looked at me and said "Tiger!" WHAT? Where did she get that? I wish one of us could take credit for being a GENIOUS and teaching her the word Tiger, but we can't. Our daycare teacher, Mrs. Deborah, has a "toggie" in the back yard (who we say hello to every time we pass by) named Tiger. Mrs. Deborah said she told her his name was Tiger a few times and off she went, "TIGER! TIGER! TIGER!"In the last day or so, we've been merging the three words here and there- it's so cute and she's so proud when she says them! She says something and then looks around to see who heard and to see who is going to praise her for saying it. She's such a little person!

And it was perfect timing for tonight's game! If we can just get her to put "GO" in front of "Tiger!" we'll be set!!!!
GO (Silly Toggie) TIGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
One last thing:
We're teething again! I mean it, the whole family is teething. When she's going through this, we ALL go through this... never the less, she'll be ready to eat some CHICKEN in about a month!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

October is here!

I love the beginning of fall but I do NOT love the cold that comes with it. This morning it was FREEZING cold outside- in fact, they're calling for frost tomorrow morning. Oh there went our lovely summer. I'm sorry Rich and Alex, you must be SOOOOOO cold way up there!
But with fall comes Halloween (my FAVORITE!) , Clemson Football, changing leaves, hot chocolate and Kimi's wedding! We can't wait. I'm planning on a solid 30 minutes to get Emily Grace dressed that day. Chris and I spend double the amount of time we used to spend getting her dressed, as one of us normally has to chase her across the room to put her other leg in her pants! I'm not looking forward to stockings- white ones at that. I should take about 4 back up pairs just to be safe. We will keep the children's hoisery industry in business this year!
We've had a rocky few weeks, but good ones none the less. Changing baby sitters is ALWAYS a HUGE stress but we had to change a few weeks ago. Everything happens for a reason, right? Thank heavens for our angel of a neighbor, Ann Marie, and her two darling little ones, Claire and Lilly. They took Emily Grace for us for a few days and I cannot thank them enough! Emily Grace LOVES playing with her girls.
Emmy Gu is now at three places each week. She has to go to preschool three mornings a week, she goes home with one of the preschool teachers those three afternoons, and then two days a week she's at an in-home day care. I know it's tough for her to adjust but I talked to the pediatrician and she said if anything, it'll make her a very flexible and patient child. LET'S HOPE SO! At least she's social, right?
Last night she opened the silverware drawer and had a fork in her hands. A FORK! I guess she's taller than we realized. Oh speaking of, we had our 15 month visit the other day. She is now 75% in weight, 90% in height and 95% for her head. She's starting to level out. Her height at 12 months was beyond the 100% mark! She gets that (along with everything else but her cheeks- that's from my side) from her daddy! She's getting LOTS of hair(by my standards) and LOTS of personality. She speed races me across a room to touch forbidden objects (shoes, remote controls, power cords, dirty dog toys, etc.) She's a busy girl and the adventures continue!

This has to be one of my all time favorite pictures- it shows her personality (and her Clemson Spirit) so well. See her hand in that cup holder- yes about 3 minutes before that, mommy's beverage WAS in there. The pavement got a good taste as it (and everything else we get our hands on) was thrown to the grown.

Look at those teeth!!!


Take care and I'll post again soon!