Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Breakfast with Santa

We had breakfast with Santa last weekend at church. It was a wonderful day and it was so nice not to have to wait in line at the mall! Last year we made the trek to the mall three times and all three times we had to get out of line because it was taking WAY too long! So, Circle #7 at Main Street UMC decided to put on a fundraiser that benefits our organization and saves parents in the community the need for headache relief! Emily Grace with Santa
Santa's Helpers!

Waiting in line- she was getting sleepy! Thank heavens she lasted!

Wiggle Butt!

And we're done. That's enough of the strange man with the itchy beard.

This is such a sad little picture! We attempted having family pictures taken out in the cold at Old Salem. It was about 35 degrees and Emily Grace did not want to be set down. I know it makes me an awful mother to giggle, but as happy of a baby as she is, this picture makes me chuckle a little, just because this isn't her at all! I know- slap my wrist!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Heart Melting!

These pictures just melt my heart! They're from a month and a half ago when Aunt Kimi "HOOKED" her new hubby, who we now affectionately call Uncle E!

Really, Emily Grace felt awful this day- she had a fever, she was cutting new teeth (as you can see from the drool on her chin) and she couldn't walk down the aisle. But, she was a little trooper and quite the little flower girl!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

How time flies!

I have to apologize once again for the large gap in time in our family's posts.
The holidays are here- YAY! Snow, Santa, lights, trees, presents, food- it's all great, but let's not forget what the Holiday Season is about.

Hold the door for a pregnant woman, a woman with kids, an elderly couple, or the guy behind you who's rushing to get out of the cold so that he doesn't have to take his hands out of his pocket.

Smile when you pass someone in the hallway. Ask about their day!

Let that car cut in front of you without his blinker on.

Let someone else go first at the grocery store.
Wave and smile!
And here are some VERY LATE Halloween Pictures of our little blessing!