Monday, June 10, 2013

Urbans on the Move and EG has PIERCED EARS (wha what?)

Well we're moving. 7 days from today we will officially live in CHARLOTTE, NC. I can't believe it's here! 

Lots has happened since I last posted. Emily Grace's LAST day of Kindergarten is tomorrow, June 11. They added 2 days onto the end of the year for snow days. But that's ok, she LOVES every minute of Kindergarten, her teachers, her school, her friends... and I'm crying over moving... again. We all know I'm a crier.

BUT- BIG BIG BIG BUT- We're so excited to be moving! This is a BIG opportunity for us!!! The biggest positive is it gets us MUCH closer to our families (and friends) in SC. It's been 9 years and we're finally going home (sorta). Plus the economy and career opportunities in Charlotte are just booming right now. 

So just so I don't forget, Emily Grace is turning 6 in a few weeks and this BIG BRAVE GIRL got her ears pierced (it was actually on May 25, 3013)!!!! She was so good. Honestly, bad mommy. I didn't tell her what was coming. She knew that she was going in without earrings and coming out with them. She's seen me put mine in every day for the last 5 years, but it never occurred to her that someone was going to actually make holes in her sweet little earlobes. (she calls them ear bobes) But ladies, that is the WAY. TO. DO. IT. I know it's terrible not to be "honest" with your kids. But I wasn't dishonest! I just didn't mention that two total strangers were going to come at her with sharp ended guns and viciously pierce (literally) her innocence with "pink ice" studs. What?  Trust me- the saying that the anticipation is much worse than the event is SO TRUE. And she had zero anticipation. I rest my case and mentally pat my own back. 

Onto the event:
One of the ladies pierced just a second before the other and as I was standing across from EG simply trying not to let my face show the horror inside of my heart for allowing this to happen, she started to squeeze my hands. Then her eyes popped open like they do when they're getting shots and had no idea what was coming. She was so startled and it took a good 10 seconds for the tears, but they finally game. She yelled (and sort of stomped her foot) that two ladies pinched her on her ears. OMG. Are you crying with me? Every time I think of it, I start to tear up. I scooped her up and hugged her until the tears went away. She's still so little! I think the ladies felt so bad too because really, who would pinch such a sweet little angel? Thank heavens we did two at once! I don't think she would have let them do that a second time.

After all of the tears were gone, and there was a lollipop in hand, and we got her to get a good like in the mirror she looks up at me, BEAMING, with those big watery eyes and proudly states "Mommy.... I have bling!"