Sunday, July 27, 2008

EG and Smith Mountain Lake

Emily Grace has a new chair (she got it for her birthday). She's finally big enough and sturdy enough to sit in it without falling out or off. Baily is LOVING the snack trap in the chair. As you can see, she's preying on Emily Grace, waiting for the cheerios and gold fish to be abandoned. She's such a good dog/vaccum cleaner!

Big Girl!
She also likes sitting backwards- beats me why but she does it. Look at that face- is she her Daddy's girl or what?

Last week we visited Smith Mountain Lake- Here are the promised pictures!

"Mommy- what do you have there?"

Kimi & Dianna
HAHA- They had no idea Kimi jumped in that picture! It's cute anyway!


The Group at the lake! Peanut was exhausted and took a 2 hour nap on the boat! Mommy and Aunt Kimi might have drifted off as well....
Look at this view!
Chris cheesing

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Funny Story

Our internet is still down at home and I just got out of some sales meetings here at work. I love my job by the way! I just got to watch the displays being created for photo shoots for catalogs- how cool is that?

Anyway, this story is too funny. We have a little mischievous monster on our hands! This morning we were ready for work and Chris and I both went out to our cars to pack stuff up for the day. We left EG safely on the floor (where she couldn't fall) for the few minutes that we were outside. In that time span, she crawled from the middle of the bedroom floor all the way to our bedroom door and closed it, then sat down in front of it. I think she intended to follow us out of the room (by the way, didn't know she could travel that far yet) but instead she pushed the door closed. Needless to say, I was late this morning because there was no way to get her out of our room! I couldn't stop laughing at the situation, partly because it was a adorable and partly because it panicked me that she was locked in there forever!

You know, I laughed at "Friends" when Rachel and Ross accidentally locked Emma in their apartment but I really had flashes of a bird swooping into our room and flying away with the baby. I know, I'm crazy. Having a baby will do that to you.

Just in case you're wondering, both Chris and I were on our hands and knees in the hallway for over five minutes (it's longer than it sounds) trying to scoot her forward from behind a closed door. We inched the door open and she scooted an inch; one of us held the door while the other tried to reach around and scoot her forward again. Eventually the opening was large enough for me to get my whole arm between the door and the frame and slide her over so that she wouldn't get smacked in the head when we tried to open the door. Of course, she giggled. That little laugh just washes away the rest of the world and melts your heart. I'm glad someone found it comical.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Our little mover & shaker

Thank you guys for you concerns with Emily Grace's tubes- she's doing GREAT! She's mommy's little trooper! And yes Jessie- she is talking MUCH more now. I'm just waiting for "Tigers!" to come out of her mouth any day now! She's also (finally!) trying to pull up. I think in this little bit of time she's gotten a lot more balance because all of that mess isn't clogging up her head and messing with her equilibrium any more. YAY! She's also started scooting/army crawling across the hardwoods. It's funny- she looks like a little inch worm, and man can she move! She digs her elbows into the floor, lifts up her butt and heaves herself forward. She's quick and we learned that the hard way the week before last. In the wise words of my friend Michele "The baby can't fall off of the floor." Please share that advice with every parent you know! The guilt is hard to overcome.

But seriousely, she HAS TO BE WALKING BY OCTOBER 25!!! She's a flower girl in Aunt Kimi's wedding and she's so excited about her new dress!!!!

We went to the lake this weekend and had a great time. We traveled up to Smith Mountain Lake, VA for the day Saturday with some of our friends and Aunt Kimi.
If you've never visited Smith Mountain Lake, I highly recommend it! WE LOVE IT UP THERE!

Emily Grace had a blast- as did mommy and daddy! She even slept for almost two hours on the boat- she's such a good girl.

I'm blogging from work (shhh, don't tell Ralph) because our internet at the house is goofy. As soon as it gets fixed I'll upload pictures at home and send them out.

I hope you all are doing well!
Take care!

Friday, July 18, 2008

The tubes are in!

Emily Grace had surgery yesterday to put tubes in her ears. After lots and LOTS of sleeping, some motrin, and a little bit of an upset tummy, she's doing just fine! This should get those long strings of babbles to turn into words in no time. She's so funny- she looks at you and talks to you just like she's saying something and it's very important. I just wish I knew what it was!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The CAKE! Man was it delicious!

Daddy's girl!


This is an after the party shot. We're a little cranky here....

Getting ready to swim w/ Uncle AJ

I'm gonna Get you Grandpa!

She loves her lion from Aunt Kimi!


We had pictures taken professionally. I'll have those on a CD this weekend.
Birthday Cookies
Bailey cooling off!

I finally DID IT! I'm blogging! Here are the pictures from Emily Grace's Birthday Party. She had a ball! I'm sad that she's already one but we're so proud of our big girl! Enjoy the pics!