Wednesday, May 19, 2010

We're not drowning yet

Life is HECTIC! We had a wonderful visit with our friend Amy last night. She came up for the Triad Area Clemson Alumni Prowl and Growl with Dabo Sweeny and Brad Brownell. Emily Grace got to meet the Tiger Cub (who scared her at first but by the end of the night she was giving him high fives and blowing kisses his way!)

We're gearing up for our summer time beach trips.

I'm monogramming like crazy (which is GREAT!) The blessing of the Inlet was a huge success. But I'm still recovering.

Work is beyond hectic for both Chris and me, but busy is good, right?

Emily Grace is VERY close to being potty trained. FINGERS CROSSED!!!!!!!!!

And we need a new stroller- Chris accidentally hit it with the car. Don't ask.

OH yeah, and Luke will be here on July 29th. I've decided that everything in the nursery must be HGTV/Pottery Barn kids quality (I know- anal) and that most of it must be hand made.

Our crib has been recalled.

We still haven't picked our strawberries and that is a MUST on my to-do list every May.

Elmo Live is at the Coliseum this weekend and I'm debating buying last minute tickets.

Oh yeah, and I'm pregnant. But I have a smile on my face and I WILL NOT let it get the best of me. This is life and life is good! God has been good to us and I'm embracing every second!!!