Thursday, February 18, 2010

Go for the Gold!

I'm so confused. So, why wouldn't my child, who grows and learns from every move I make, not also be confused? Potty training should be simple enough, right? You feel the urge, you tee tee in the potty, you get a high five, sticker, M&M (after washing your hands), etc, flush down the tee-tee and wait for the next one.

Well, due to Santa's visit in December, the potty training went back to square uno. When the paci left, all knowledge of how to use a potty went with it. So, here we are. Shhh, don't scare it away. The urge to use the potty for Emily Grace is coming back!!!!!!!!

We're trying not to over-react- this is normal.

We're trying to encourage it, kids need encouragement.

We're trying to push it forward, but not too far, because we might fall off of the edge of the cliff again.

We're trying not to scare her. Scary is bad. Scary is two steps backwards.

And we're trying not to laugh...

Emily Grace FINALLY asked to go pee pee on the potty the other day. And while she tries, she plays with her step stool (yes, she sits on the potty and leans forward and plays with the letters in her step stool that spell her name- I figure it's never too early to learn to multi-task: learn to pee pee while learning to spell! Mommy is an ace at it (multi-tasking, not simultaneously pee peeing and spelling), why can't she be? Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!).

So while she was leaning forward, I glanced down at the stool (instead of at her) and she fell off the potty. SHE FELL RIGHT OFF- onto the floor- ON HER HEAD- with her bottom in the air! CRAP!!!!!!!! Do I clean the pee? Do I pick her up? Do I flush? DO I act like this happens to everyone at least once? What is the normal parenting move for this kind of event?????

She cried, I scrambled, we both said "eau."

There went our progress. She hasn't asked to go again but she seems not to be as scarred from the incident as I was.

Let's get out of diapers before baby #2 gets here! PLEASE!

Any suggestions?