Friday, August 24, 2012


Today, as I've "struggled" over piddly things: what to buy, what not to buy so that I don't spend spend spend, where to eat lunch, what Emily Grace is going to wear for her first day of school, little things that bother me at daycare, big things that bother me at work, I've realized that my world is so so so perfect. None of that matters. None. Today, I stopped by my friend Ashley's desk, in the midst of the Friday afternoon do-nothings. I have lots to do at work AND at home, but I'm procrastinating and eagerly looking forward to one of the last do-nothing weekends we'll have in a while.

Ashley was reading her friend's blog. I don't know this family. And there are lots of them out there- families struggling to hold on to a loved one, families dealing with financial problems, families dealing with illness and death. I've sort of become numb to those families. Once upon a time, I got so caught up in their pain and suffering that I let it affect me too. So I went cold turkey. The result: I started worrying over the piddly things again. Why can't I just be thankful for what I have? And I am- I just let the harsh reminder of how amazingly blessed I am, slip sometimes.
This blog, this poor, innocent, sweet, STRONG, faithful family brings it all back to reality. I truly pray for, and hope for this family. And I'm so incredibly thankful for the people and things that I have AND the things that I do not have to struggle with. Thank you, Dear Father, for bringing me back to Earth.
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