Monday, October 1, 2012


Yep. It's time. I'm not going to get into the sappy, teary mess that I've been over the last few weeks. Instead, I'm going to excite you with the details of HOW EXCITED Emily Grace (and the rest of us really) is about Kindergarten!!!!
We met her teacher last week and she's a doll! Actually- she goes to church with us and is a dear friend. SO that's a HUGE plus. But, Emily Grace still put her hands on her hips and said "what's your name again?" at open house. 

We'll work on the graceful part of "GRACE" as she gets older.

So Sunday we went grocery shopping for all of the foods for her lunches. I made sure that she could open every container, bag, bottle, etc on her own so that she can spend more time nibbling.
I also didn't want a bag of chips to explode across the cafeteria as she opened it aggressively.
We packed a pretend lunch in her lunch box on Sunday because her half of the class doesn't go until Tuesday. And duh- we had to make sure everything fit perfectly.

I made an additional call to Pottery Barn for a Bento Box , in case we needed it. It will be here Aug 31. Sigh. At least it had free shipping.

We picked out her first day outfit.OH and we had first day pics taken with my sweet friend, Emily Elrod.
Then we got excited and picked out the outfits for the rest of the week.
(I still have to monogram 2 of them!)

We got out the closed-toe shoes that still fit and dusted them off. We arranged those with the new shoes so that there's never any closet digging in the mornings.
  We moved EG's car seat in Chris' car so that she's getting in and out of the car (on the days that he drops of and picks up) on the sidewalk side.

And I've already spoken to the office about her dentist appointment this week. Bad, timining on my part. I know. But I know exactly how to get it excused. I'm going to be a pro at this Kindergarten thing.

Oh and I annoyed the daycare one last time by triple checking that they would pick her up ON THEIR BUS after school.

My nails on the other hand, are suffering from the nerves that are hiding behind the excitement. I hope she has an amazing first day!!!!!!

We are so proud of our sweet Emily Grace!

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